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JUNE 19-23

Age 4-7       8:30-11:30AM

Age 8-11       1:00-3:00PM

Cost- $150


Have you ever seen your young child grab a hairbrush or tennis racket and get lost in a musical daydream? Playing and performing in a band to a cheering crowd is for big kids...right? NOT ANYMORE!

Your 4-11 year old can now learn how to play an instrument in a real performing band! We’re bringing KidzRock (an internationally acclaimed program) to Music Hill Studios this summer. By using modified instruments and game-oriented teaching techniques, the program brings music performance to a whole new age group.

Would your child enjoy playing in a band on stage to a cheering crowd? Join us for this camp where
your child can learn how to play guitar, keyboard, and drums in the context of a real live band.


Music Production

JUNE 12-16

Ages 10-16


Cost- $150

A beginner's course designed to teach young musicians the basics of music production. Compose, record, and edit your own original music using a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW). Participants will finish the course with at least one digital track, and the course will end with a concert showcasing of each participant's tracks.

  • For musicians with at least one year of experience of playing an instrument or singing.

  • Participants must be able to identify piano key names.

  • Participants/families must supply their own laptop.

Music Composition

July 8-19

M/W/F  12:00-2:00PM

A beginner's course designed to equip young musicians with the tools to compose and notate original music. Participants will study the basics of music theory to create their themes, and learn to use digital notation software to engrave their themes to a score. The course will end with a concert of original compositions and participants will receive an anthology of compositions by each participant. 

  •  Ages 10 and up

  •  For musicians with at least one year of experience play any instrument.

  • No prior experience composing needed.

  • Participants must be able to read basic music notation in any clef.

  • Participants/families must supply their own laptop.

  • Cost $85


Make Music from the Heart

August 5-16

M/W/F/  12:00-2:00PM

A beginner's designed to coach young musicians as they write their first songs. Participants will practice self expression through lyrics and melodies. The course will end with a concert of original songs by every participant. 

  • Ages 10 and up.

  • For singers, piano players, guitar plays, or ukulele players with at least one year of experience on their instrument. 

  • No song-writing experience required.

  • Cost: $85

Straight Shot Group Piano 

Complete an entire school year curriculum in just one summer!

This is a beginner piano course for students with little to no experience on the piano. Students enjoy the fun and lively atmosphere of learning with their peers! And with the concentrated effort of piano practice two times a day in 15-20 minute sessions, students will excel at a quicker pace and find great enjoyment with their new piano skills! Bi-weekly class times are exciting and motivating, with new friendships being forged along the way. 

  • June 10-August 15

  • Monday/Thursday 2:00-3:00PM

  • Ages 6 and up

  • Cost: $485

Piano Camp

Level 1   June 17-21

Level 2   July 15-19

Level 3   August 12-16

Monday-Friday 1-3PM

Piano Camp is designed to teach new music skills and brush up on fundamentals in a fun environment with friends, games, and musical activities. This is a great way for potential beginning piano students to get their feet wet and see if this is the instrument for them. It's also designed to keep current piano players motivated and excited about playing the piano. No practice is required at home during this camp. 

  • Ages 6 and up.

  • Level 1- Beginners 

  • Level 2- Elementary piano players who have completed Primer level method books or are in progress.

  • Level 3- Elementary piano players who have completed Level 1 method books or are in progress.

  • Cost $85 per session.

Acting Camp

Session 1    June 18-27

Session 2   July 9-18

Session 3   August 6-15


Tuesday/Thursday 3:00-5:00PM​


Learn how to act from a highly experienced actor and director who will challenge you to discover and utilize your natural talent. This camp is open to everyone; all experience levels welcome. All you need is the desire to take the stage and the motivation to begin.

  • Middle School and High School Age

  • No experience required

  • Sessions are not consecutive, so students may sign up for all three, or just one.

  • Cost $85

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