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Group Classes for All Ages

Music for Little Mozarts

Music for Little Mozarts is a 10 weeks course designed for preschoolers age 3 - 5. The class will include singing, movement, stories, and time spent at the piano. This fun adventure with Mozart Mouse and Beethoven Bear will inspire your young one with a love of music while teaching them the basics of music notation and piano playing skills. This is a great starter class for little ones who plan to take private music lessons in the future, or anyone who loves music!

New Class beginning January 8

Cost: $170

Lesson and Workbook: $25

String Orchestra

This year we are excited to offer a string orchestra for ages 10-adult. Stringed instruments are so enjoyable in the context of a group, and students are more motivated to practice when they have performance goals. Our string orchestra will be directed by Dmitrii Vasilistov with the assistance of his wife, Liudmila Lebedeva. This musically gifted couple loves to teach and inspire and will help students bring their strings to life in a fun way! Anyone who has played their instrument for one year or more is welcome to join!

Summer Session 

June 9-August 8, 2023

Time- TBD

Cost $160

Kids Rock Band Music Lessons


KidzRock teaches kids age 4-7 how to play an instrument in a real performing rock band. Children take turns learning to play Guitar, Keyboards, Drums, and Sing! Each band works together as a team as they rehearse to record music videos and perform in seasonal concerts. KidzRock makes playing an instrument fun, easy, and accessible. This program allows a whole new age to experience the thrill of playing in a band. There is also no at-home practice in KidzRock. Everything the kids need to learn happens right here at band practice!

Group Piano Class

Students enjoy the fun and lively atmosphere of learning with their peers! This class uses an exciting curriculum based on the Premier Piano Course mixed with games and plenty of activities to keep students engaged and happy to learn. With clear guidelines laid out in practice charts, students are able to excel quickly while learning good practice habits at home. This is a great alternative to private lessons because of the motivating learning environment. 


Adult Piano Classes

Music It's never too late to learn how to play the piano! This class takes place in a piano lab with headphones where you will not be put on the spot or required to perform. This is all about making music for the sake of personal enjoyment. We are ready to meet you where you are- whether you are a beginner or already have some skills. It's time to pick it up again and make some music while having fun with friends! 

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