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James Mick

James Mick rediscovered his love for Classical Piano as a creative and emotional outlet after joining the United States Army in 2006 as a Cryptologic Linguist. Following his honorable discharge in 2011, he attended Kirkwood Community College where he was able to resume piano studies with Professor Lena Nichols. After much encouragement, he went on to complete his Bachelor of Arts in Music, and coursework and recital towards a Master of Music in Piano Performance, both at the University of Northern Iowa, under Professor Sean Botkin. 


During his time at UNI, he also became deeply interested in the inner workings of the piano, studying piano tuning and repair under Registered Piano Technician David Dunn, and completing the course at the Minnesota School of Piano Technology taught by RPT Greg Gavin. 


As a pianist and teacher, James focuses on the intersection where personal expression and composer’s intent meet. His holistic approach means building a foundation of music theory and rhythm, exposure to numerous genres and styles, and developing one’s ear towards the emotional connections that can be created through music, while being aware of the unique characteristics of the piano as an instrument.