Clavinova Festival 11.3.18

West Music hosts the Yamaha Clavinova Festival each year, and allows us to have a Clavinova keyboard in our studio for a couple of months ahead of time to prepare. The students pick a fun song that they like, and then we put it on the keyboard with cool sounds and a background track. Not only is it great fun, but it stretches the students to be able to play with the accompaniment track and stay together! I love preparing for this event because I enjoy creating the tracks and working with the students to make up  exciting arrangements of songs! 

Rock Band Recital 10.13.18

We love the Rock Band Recital because it gives students the opportunity to learn a variety of skills. Playing with an ensemble and keeping a steady beat is a skill that is important to learn! Many of our students are learning to play and sing at the same time, and this gives them a goal to work toward. They also learn how to read from chord charts and improvise around chords in the process. It is fun to hear the variety of songs that they choose to play- everything from worship music to pop and good ol' rock-n-roll. It's a lot of work to pull off, but worth every minute!

ARTapalooza 2018

We had a blast performing at ARTapalooza on Main Street in Cedar Falls! What a fun event, with a variety of artwork for sale, and many free crafts and activities for the kids! We presented our own variety of art with music ranging from broadway musical to pop and worship songs. Street performance is not without its challenges of wind and noise, but the students played and sang beautifully! We are proud of our local Cedar Valley talent!

Sturgis Falls 2019

We were excited to be welcomed into the Kidsway Tent at Sturgis Falls this year! It was excruciatingly hot, but the students sang beautifully and we put on a pretty sweet show. The best part of this event was the collaboration between the teachers. We worked together as a team to prepare our students to play together, and accompany them. With Ed's students laying down the solid groove, Seth smoothly jumping between instruments, and Chandar and Lis' students singing their hearts out- our sense of unity and teamwork reached new heights!

Artapalooza 2019

Artapalooza 2019 ramped up another level this year since we moved to the corner of 4th and Main and had room for a full band! We had quite a variety of bands that featured 3 student drummers and many singers and keyboardists! We even had a wedding part show up at the end for a dance party in the street!